The-vampire-diaries-banner-profile Charmed: As It Never Was, is a spin off of the original Charmed Series.The series will explore the lives of the Halliwell sisters from that point forward.


The sisters have discussed the Angel of Destiny's deal between themselves, it's two against one. The sisters have decided they are willing to relinquish their power. Their future will be erased, everything good they ever could of done, the lives they could of saved, gone. The prophesy of Wyatt Halliwell will be erased. They will live normal, mundane lives.

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Charmed: As It Never Was
Main Characters
Piper HalliwellPaige HalliwellPhoebe HalliwellLeo WyattWyatt Halliwell
Deceased Characters

Prue HalliwellPatty HalliwellPenny Haliwell

San Francisco
The Manor
Angel of DestinyThe TribunalThe CleanersAngel of Death

The SourceCole TurnerShax

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